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Some inspiration for you all:

Probably my all-time favorite food blog, I’ve been following this site for a while now. Biggles and I might have been brothers in another life.


General Food
Great site, especially the Chowhound area – If you are looking for something specific in your city, try here. User reviews for everything from the best hot dogs to 5-star restaurants.

A nice Bacon-related site
I love the name, and their motto is “Bacon is meat candy”. I couldn’t agree more. 

These folks sell some awesome sea salt. I don’t cook with it, but rather use it to sprinkle on food to bring out the flavor – especially tomatoes, meats, and anything that needs a ‘fresh burst’ to finish. I’m partial to their ‘flakes’.
This is where I get my real Virginia Country Hams -You know, the extremely salty ones that you have to soak for days prior to cooking. You can’t have ham biscuits without the real stuff!
My two sources for everything related to making sausages. I also get my pink salt here, used in bacon, corned beef, tasso, canadian bacon, etc…


Recipe Sites
You already know I don’t much care for going by a recipe – But if I need inspiration or a jumping-off point, I may start here. Never underestimate the power of Google, either.

Gardening (my closest brush with Vegetables)
These folks are in Chantilly, Virginia. Best known for herbs and tomatoes, I usually get the latter as well as peppers in plant form – Their selection is amazing.
This is usually where I buy my see and gardening supplies. Great outfit, Oregon-Based. 


FOT (Friends of Tommy)
The site of Steve, the graphic designer who has been working hard on my logo – Check out his work!
My buddy Mike’s site.  ”The only thing that is constant is change”. Some good blogging going on here related to life-changes and such. Love the videos, Mike edits these at home and he does a great job.
Ivy is Lucy’s oldest friend and our food buddy from Oregon. It was good to catch up with her, and she is now a big-time author! Buy her books (I hear a new one is coming soon!) Her blog has some yummy things in it….

My other site (Or what I do in Real Life in order to be able to afford to cook for you)
This includes links to my Reel and Resume.  Hiring me usually comes with epicurian perks!

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