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Inhalable chocolate! What will they think of next……Snorting Sugar?

This movie looks interesting – I know I’ll be grossed out but I really need to know more about our food.
Support your local Farmer’s Markets!




The "WineRack"

The "WineRack"








This caught my eye today – Tired of spending 8 Bucks for a beer at a concert or sporting event? has compiled a list of the Ten best ways to smuggle booze into an event:


Every now and then I learn of an invention that revolutionizes our world or just plain revolts us. This may even fall under George Carlin’s theory of technical innovation: “”If you nail two things together that have never been nailed together before, some schmuck will buy it from you.”

Enter Meat Cards:



The trailer for the new Julie & Julia (Child) movie set for release August 7th. Meryl Streep is PERFECT…..


Attention Facebookers! Please watch this public service announcement….


My friend Mike’s latest video from his site This one is on the changing relationship with Cuba.



“A Gaythering Storm”  - does it again – A hilarious response to the “Gathering Storm” ad opposing gay marriage that the National Organization for Marriage paid for – If you haven’t yet seen their ad, it is below:

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