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Welcome to the new Tommy’s Kitchen!

Howdy Folks! It’s been a long time…..I was on the campaign trail for most of the last part of 2008 and have been busy re-designing this site the last month or so.

You can see we have a new look – I’m not yet completely sold on it, so you will continue to see changes as we move forward. I used to use Apple’s iWeb, and although it was easy, it wasn’t quite powerful enough for me. I’m now hosting with GoDaddy, using WordPress, and I am much happier! Feel free to send me any input you have, as you are the ones who must look at it!

I have imported the old posts, so you haven’t missed anything. The photo gallery isn’t up yet, but that should be coming soon. I have created a “Links” page – There are some really good sites there, and most all of the sites I mention in my posts will show up here for future reference.

To catch you up, I will have some quick posts with photos following this one. Some of these will turn into longer posts as I cook the recipes again and explain to you how to do them, such as Canadian Bacon and Dumplings (that’s two separate dishes, not one – Although canadian bacon dumplings sound kinda good – Asian-Canadian Fusion anyone?)

Most of all, enjoy – I hope this site makes you hungry, or at least helps you Pass some boring hours at work. Suggestions, comments, critiques, I’ll listen to them all.


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